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15 June 2011 @ 01:10 am
She Only Tells Me Where She's Been When She's Had Too Much to Drink  
This is what I've been doing for *days* now.  I *love* Generations and I'm really warming up to Sims 3 now.  I'm still playing around trying to figure out the technicalities of snapping off decent screen shots and for the life of me I can't figure out why the hell my sims actually look *better* in CAS then they do in the game now, but I'm working it out.  Meanwhile, have some pic spam.  Say hi to Michael Brand.  He's the oldest son in the Brand family and he lives in Banyan Bend.  Dude.  I *love* the shit out of this 'hood.  Link below.  There *will* be more Banyan Bend shots.  Just not right now.  The only editing I did to this pic was to size it down and sharpen it a tiny bit.  The fucking scenery in this 'hood is pure lust.

 Banyan Bend + DDefender's lighting mod = love.

Edited to Add:

7 AM, baby.  This is looking west toward the swampy area (which is *literally* the wrong side of the tracks) from the business building.  Click for unedited full size.

Click for large unedited image.
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