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10 November 2010 @ 11:30 am
MouseyBlue Supersition Eye Defaults and a Recolor  
I have two small gifts for you guys today.

I have a bitch of a time finding default replacement eyes that I really like.  I was using Selzi's recolors of Dragonmandy's Hazel Love eyeset for the longest time.  I'm also a bit picky about having to have hazel in my defaults rather than two shades of blue.  (Two?  Seriously?  I just don't get that.)  Recently, I have fallen in love with Mouseyblue's Superstition Eyes.  So much so, that I decided to make a set of default replacements out of them.  Thing is, I'm also picky about my browns..  (Yes, I'm anal)... and I didn't like the browns that were in the set as a default replacement.  (Otherwise, I love them).  So, being the dork that I am, I made a single eye recolor to get the brown I wanted for the default replacements.  And because I try to think of everything, I've uploaded the brown recolor as a separate download for those of you who have the set and want to add my brown to it.    Also, I used a hazel in place of the dark blue that is *not* part of the set.  It came from one of her sims and *looks* like the rest of the set.  I'm guessing it was supposed to be but she ditched it or recolored it for some reason?  I don't know.  It *is* a little bit brighter than the others, but I dig the hell out of it, so it's in there.  

I don't have any in game shots yet, but I have the swatches.  

So.  Here are your options: 

Click images to download.
Mouseyblue Superstition Eyes as default replacements using a brown recolor by me, a gorgeous eye from an unknown (but looks the same to me) eyeset by Mousey for the hazel, Uncut for the green, Sapphire for the light blue and Transparent for the grey. 

Click to download.

And/or the brown recolor I made from the set.

Have fun.

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