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15 March 2012 @ 12:22 pm
 I just started the most most crazy fun of Skyrim ever.  After installing it on my pc and adding a ton of mods for visuals and gameplay enhancement and plugging in my Xbox360 controller, Skyrim is an incredibly dangerous place to walk around and my sneak skill, I'm a dark elf Necromancer, is climbing quickly.  I have one mod that lets you choose a different opening scenario as an alternative to the 20 minute Helgan tutorial mode intro.  But my first quest took my about five hours to complete because I went with the scenario in which I was a necromancer in a secret location.  When you're level one and all you have are a couple of level one destruction spells and a Dwarven dagger, sneaking around Blackreach which is infested with all manner of Falmer, Dwarven contstructs, sprites and giants is not exactly an ideal situation.  But it was an incredibly cool change from just walking into something and hacking at it with my sword which is my usual inelegant play style.  

So once I get out of Blackreach, I have to go *really* far to my next location and there's not a lot of stuff along the way, but thanks to two other mods which add an actual civil war raging across the land and more random region appropriate creature encounters, I was able to witness at least three skirmishes, a herd of deer that all but trampled me as they ran from wolves and a coven of black mages destroying everyone in their territory that they didn't think should be there.  It's insane and I'm loving every minute of it.  I'll probably post screens at some point.  In the meantime, under the cut, you'll find my current mod list.  Mods without links, I just got tired of hunting links, but they're easy enough to find.

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08 March 2012 @ 07:15 pm
Due to the size of the pics, I put them under the cut.  Picture 1 is Aiden in the Sims 2.  Pictures 2 and 3 are Aiden in DazStudio.

 Click to see comparison shots...Collapse )
09 November 2011 @ 02:37 pm
So, my new love is Poser and DAZ Studio.  That's what I've been playing with the past few weeks.  And by playing with, I really mean downloading massive amounts of content for.  I blame the sims 3.  It started when I was looking at 3D art and started wondering why we couldn't have hair like some of the Poser hairs for our Sims 3, then started wondering if Poser hair could be converted.  One link led to another and here I am, 700 GB of content later. 

Looking at all the morph dials, I think I can make all my boys and pretty damn accurately, too.  They have dials (think sliders) for *everything*.  
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12 July 2011 @ 05:03 pm


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25 June 2011 @ 02:57 pm
Just cuz he's so damned cute.  Well.. that and I love the hell out of this pose.  Now if *only* someone would convert [personal profile] gelydh 's Lost Boy's t-shirts.  :D

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This is what I've been doing for *days* now.  I *love* Generations and I'm really warming up to Sims 3 now.  I'm still playing around trying to figure out the technicalities of snapping off decent screen shots and for the life of me I can't figure out why the hell my sims actually look *better* in CAS then they do in the game now, but I'm working it out.  Meanwhile, have some pic spam.  Say hi to Michael Brand.  He's the oldest son in the Brand family and he lives in Banyan Bend.  Dude.  I *love* the shit out of this 'hood.  Link below.  There *will* be more Banyan Bend shots.  Just not right now.  The only editing I did to this pic was to size it down and sharpen it a tiny bit.  The fucking scenery in this 'hood is pure lust.

 Banyan Bend + DDefender's lighting mod = love.

Edited to Add:

7 AM, baby.  This is looking west toward the swampy area (which is *literally* the wrong side of the tracks) from the business building.  Click for unedited full size.

Click for large unedited image.
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18 January 2011 @ 11:34 am
I was playing around with Maypink's lover's pose boxes and these are some of the results.  The models are Christopher and Bree.  Christopher is a makeover of MouseyBlue's Kristov and Bree is one of my roommate's sims.  I don't know if she's custom or born in game or what.  I'm working on Pookletting the hair Christopher's wearing.  I only did the one color so far for him but I *love* that conversion.

Anyway, gratuitous preview pic:

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I have two small gifts for you guys today.

I have a bitch of a time finding default replacement eyes that I really like.  I was using Selzi's recolors of Dragonmandy's Hazel Love eyeset for the longest time.  I'm also a bit picky about having to have hazel in my defaults rather than two shades of blue.  (Two?  Seriously?  I just don't get that.)  Recently, I have fallen in love with Mouseyblue's Superstition Eyes.  So much so, that I decided to make a set of default replacements out of them.  Thing is, I'm also picky about my browns..  (Yes, I'm anal)... and I didn't like the browns that were in the set as a default replacement.  (Otherwise, I love them).  So, being the dork that I am, I made a single eye recolor to get the brown I wanted for the default replacements.  And because I try to think of everything, I've uploaded the brown recolor as a separate download for those of you who have the set and want to add my brown to it.    Also, I used a hazel in place of the dark blue that is *not* part of the set.  It came from one of her sims and *looks* like the rest of the set.  I'm guessing it was supposed to be but she ditched it or recolored it for some reason?  I don't know.  It *is* a little bit brighter than the others, but I dig the hell out of it, so it's in there.  

I don't have any in game shots yet, but I have the swatches.  

So.  Here are your options: 

Click images to download.
Mouseyblue Superstition Eyes as default replacements using a brown recolor by me, a gorgeous eye from an unknown (but looks the same to me) eyeset by Mousey for the hazel, Uncut for the green, Sapphire for the light blue and Transparent for the grey. 

Click to download.

And/or the brown recolor I made from the set.

Have fun.

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13 October 2010 @ 12:11 pm
Does anyone recognize this sim?  I downloaded him but I can't remember who he is or where I got him.  I *thought* he was one of Mousey's but he doesn't seem to be.  I also took off a lot of custom content from his face.  He had a lot of freckles and this may or may not be the skintone he came in.  If it's *not* his skin, he may have been really pale.  Also, I think they *are* the lips he was packaged with and eyebrows.  The hair and eyes, however, don't seem to be.  In fact, I think the eyes are actually on the skintone.  Usually, I download their pics with their files, but I can't find one for him.

I checked GoS, Mousey's LJ *and* photo album.  I went through the Sims Challenge threads and I'm pretty sure he *doesn't* come from Pixel Trade or Jess. 

Anyway, if you can actually tell who he is and who he belongs to, please tell me.  I don't need *him* but I'd really like to know who made him and what his original name is.


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25 July 2010 @ 05:16 pm

Tara Nolan's twin brother, Aaron is a genius and he wants everyone to recognize that fact.  He is very quick to point out your flawed logic, errors in thinking and lower IQ.  That makes him a bit of an asshole to the people who don't really know him, but he doesn't care what they think; he's not a big fan of people.  The people that do know him and care about him, tend to overlook his smugness and arrogance though god knows why.  As an effect, or cause, of Aaron's superior intellect, he is mentally unbalanced, having several diagnosed disorders for which he is being treated and constantly observed.  He has a lengthy history of hospital stays.  (And by hospital, I mean nut house).  He also sees things the average person can't which, if he mentions them, are usually dismissed as hallucinations.  He doesn't mention them, anymore. 

Aaron and his alter personality, Patrick, are geeks of the highest order.  They love all things scientific and will obsess endlessly over unsolvable riddles and mysteries.  He graduated four years ahead of his class and has degrees in genetics and psychology.  

*Note: Originally posted on GoS as Patrick, he's been tweaked to fix his eye socket shape.

The Kind of Human Wreckage That You Love....Collapse )

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