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15 March 2012 @ 12:22 pm
 I just started the most most crazy fun of Skyrim ever.  After installing it on my pc and adding a ton of mods for visuals and gameplay enhancement and plugging in my Xbox360 controller, Skyrim is an incredibly dangerous place to walk around and my sneak skill, I'm a dark elf Necromancer, is climbing quickly.  I have one mod that lets you choose a different opening scenario as an alternative to the 20 minute Helgan tutorial mode intro.  But my first quest took my about five hours to complete because I went with the scenario in which I was a necromancer in a secret location.  When you're level one and all you have are a couple of level one destruction spells and a Dwarven dagger, sneaking around Blackreach which is infested with all manner of Falmer, Dwarven contstructs, sprites and giants is not exactly an ideal situation.  But it was an incredibly cool change from just walking into something and hacking at it with my sword which is my usual inelegant play style.  

So once I get out of Blackreach, I have to go *really* far to my next location and there's not a lot of stuff along the way, but thanks to two other mods which add an actual civil war raging across the land and more random region appropriate creature encounters, I was able to witness at least three skirmishes, a herd of deer that all but trampled me as they ran from wolves and a coven of black mages destroying everyone in their territory that they didn't think should be there.  It's insane and I'm loving every minute of it.  I'll probably post screens at some point.  In the meantime, under the cut, you'll find my current mod list.  Mods without links, I just got tired of hunting links, but they're easy enough to find.


·         Wrye Bash and Tutorial

·         Nexus Mod Manager

·         BOSS

·         SKSE - Must have for Uncapper and SkyUi.

Graphics and Lighting

·         Skyrim Enhanced Shaders - My lighting mod of choice.

·         High Res Texture Pack Official DLC

·         Skyrim HD 2k Textures - A must have.

·         Better Dynamic Snow

·         Realistic Water Textures

·         Remove Ambient Interior Fog

·         Revamped Exterior Fog

·         StaticMeshImprovementMod.esp - Improves static meshes.

·         Various horse textures, including one that Retextures Frost and Solitude horses as white.

·         Enhanced Distant Terrain

·         Improved NPC Clothing

·         Intricate Spider Webs

·         Millennia Weapon Retexture Project

·         Visible Windows - Gritty Options, Default light.

·         Better Decapitation Gore - Don't look at me like that.



·         Headbomb's Better Sorting - For inventory screen.

·         SKY.esp - SkyUI with Celtic Icons

·         A quality world map with roads.

·         Categorized Favorites Menu with Mods Supported Menu Config

Environment and or Immersion

·         enhanced dynamic weather system - This one with the better rain and now mods listed later is *so* amazingly cool.  If you're into in game weather, that is.

·         More Snow with Windy and 150percent Less View option - Visibility is shit during snow storms

·         2k Road Snow Footprints  - A must have for trekking through the mountains.

·         More Rain Heavy and Darker option - Visibility is shit during rainstorms.

·         Immersive Thunder

·         Sounds of Skyrim - The Dungeons - Sounds for the dungeons.

·         Sounds of Skryim - The Wilds - Sounds for the wild.

·         Birds and Flocks - adds a lot more birds and flocks in places where they should be.

·         Skyrim Creatures Alive - This is like Warzones for the creatures. 

·         Glorious Grass

·         Lush Grass

·         Lush Trees

·         More Solitude Flora

·         Flora Overhaul

·         Whiterun Trees

·         Riften Tree Revamp

·         Real Wildlife Skyrim - Like the creatures mod, but this adds diseased animals and various life stages.

·         Various Guard Replacer - Guards have armor more appropriate to their location.

·         WARZONES - Civil Unrest.esm - This one is *amazing*.  Adds dynamic battlefields and skirmishes.

·         Crimson Tide - This with Warzones is especially badass.

·         Enhanced Rorikstead

·         Gardens Of Whiterun Insomnium - Absolutely stunning.

Gameplay Tweaks

·         T3nd0s Overhaul  - No lighting Option and with plug-ins for JSwords and Wot3E.  This is all about balancing stats and fixing racial stats.  There is *so* much here, I can't even begin.

·         Skyrim Community Uncapper - Uncaps stats levels to 300

·         Epic Dual Wielding - Because it's all about the Kill Moves.

·         follower hunting bow fix -So you can take your follower's bows from them.

·         better horses - Smarter, more useful horses.

·         possessive corpses - A couple of tweaks for corpses, zombies and ninroots to help game performance.

·         Ask Follower Skills - What can you do?

·         Mounted Follower - Followers can ride horses.

·         School of Knowledge and Youth and SKY for Whiterun - Send kids to school in Solitude, Markarth and Whiterun so they can annoy you less. (there's also a killable children mod but I'm not using it.  Yet.)

Character Appearance

·         Caliente's Better Females Big Bottom Edition

·         Better Males - Younger faces merged with Men by Geonox and FavoredSoul nude bodies, flaccid version.

·         Apachii Hair - Converted Sims 2 Hairs

·         Extended Slider Colors

·         Telthalion's Red Hair

·         Covereyes - Eye replacements.  I'm using eye 4 and they are *bright*.

Weapons and Armor

·         Weapons of the Third Era Fixed

·         JaySus Swords - Adds 51 new and craftable swords.

·         Hide all headgear  - Make headgear invisible.

·         Daedric Winter Set - This is just pretty.

·         Einherjar Armor - Not just badass, but looks warm and I'm always bitching about how cold Skyrim is.

·         Nightingale - Black Sacrament Armor Retexture

·         Cloaks of Skyrim

·         Northborn Fur Hoods

·         Omegared99 Compilation

·         R18Pn - Leere Armor

·         Scout Armor

·         Huntress Armor

·         Warfighter Armory

Quests, Companions and Alternate Beginnings

·         Live Another Life - Pick an alternative beginning/life.

·         Quest - And The Realms Of Daedra

·         Quest - No Mercy

·         Deus Mons - Large, detailed player stronghold.  It's gorgeous.

·         Natural Characters and Companions

 Colovian Traders

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