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13 October 2010 @ 12:11 pm
Have You Seen This Sim?  
Does anyone recognize this sim?  I downloaded him but I can't remember who he is or where I got him.  I *thought* he was one of Mousey's but he doesn't seem to be.  I also took off a lot of custom content from his face.  He had a lot of freckles and this may or may not be the skintone he came in.  If it's *not* his skin, he may have been really pale.  Also, I think they *are* the lips he was packaged with and eyebrows.  The hair and eyes, however, don't seem to be.  In fact, I think the eyes are actually on the skintone.  Usually, I download their pics with their files, but I can't find one for him.

I checked GoS, Mousey's LJ *and* photo album.  I went through the Sims Challenge threads and I'm pretty sure he *doesn't* come from Pixel Trade or Jess. 

Anyway, if you can actually tell who he is and who he belongs to, please tell me.  I don't need *him* but I'd really like to know who made him and what his original name is.


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